What is it about?
I worked on the full UX of this app from October 2019 to April 2020 and it was launched this May 2022. You can now discover what this app is all about on the WAPP website below:
Who was in the team
My Role on the project
I was in charge of the whole experience, journeys and wireframes for this app. I was managing James the junior member of our team on this project so that we could work collaboratively and create all the wireframes and flows for it.
The project in few numbers
We created a native app experience and we then we also created the web versions based on the app's main screens for mobile and desktop. The scope of the project evolved a lot as we were working on it, and it grew significantly. Therefore we ended up creating a lot of screens and flows to anticipate as many use cases as possible. For that we worked really closely with the Business Analyst on the project. I cannot disclose much more about the project as it is still in development and hasn't been released just yet. Please contact me if you want to go into more details.
I improved on 🤓
I learnt a bit of management skills as we worked really closely with James our Junior member in the team. It was really the 2 of us creating all of the wireframes, so I taught him more skills on journeys and also on Sketch about how to work collaboratively with a library and optimise our workflow with strong symbols use.
Lessons learned 🤯
Finally having a Business Analyst on a project taught me a lot and definitely showed how valuable it is to build a digital product. Collaboration has been key on this project from beginning to end, with the BA, the Project manager, the designer, and within our UX team. Keeping track of all changes and evolutions as per the iterative process we were in was a big challenge as well but it definitely taught us to keep structure and logic all along the way.

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