Since I joined Nurole in January 2021 as the first and only product designer in house, there was so much to put in place. I started implementing a lot of tweaks to the main journeys, as well as completely reworked the site map and navigation, and since then we have developed many new tooling and journeys on our apps. In order to future proof our function and grow efficiently I implemented a strong UI Kit from day one that allows us to keep consistency and help everyone build tools with a strong visual language and coherence. We are now on a journey to start to create a fully functioning design system this year.
Following this, I started suggesting some core changes to the architecture and navigation by separating the marketing website from the member (signed in) experience to have a better understanding of public content VS Nurole member content.
Then we worked with a branding agency who created a full new colour palette, fonts and brand guidelines which meant that we were then ready to rework our tools with a much stronger brand identity.
From then the projects I've have been working on include:
— complete redesign of the marketing website
— rework of the full application process
— discovery phase exploring how to improve our client journey, and continuing onto delivering this brand new experience and tooling for them
— full redesign of the roles list
— many more pieces of work improving our members and clients experience
All this is being done through discovery, iterations, testing, pairing with developers and product managers, CX, customer success, business development, etc. It is a huge team effort and there is so much collaboration at every stage of each project. We also started to work using the Shape up methodology that allows proper pairing between developer / product manager / designer, and allows to get to more sensible, feasible and better suited solutions.
Please contact me if you would like to know more about my experience at Nurole so far!

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