1st KFC Hackathon in December 2018
This Hackathon was the 3rd one I took part of. It was such a good experience, and the last 2 I took part of I was organising them so it was really cool to be doing the work this time! It was pretty stressful but so exciting. The aim was to create an app to manage recognition and team's motivation in KFC restaurants. The winning team would get to work on the actual project, in house during the whole of January 2019.
We had to form a team quickly because we actually had less than 24h to create the app prototype and build the demo. Our team was amazing, we had 2 team members who worked in KFC restaurants and therefore gave us a lot of insights and feedback. We also had a product owner, a former restaurant manager that is now working in KFC HQ. There was also a marketing person, and 2 developers. I was the only designer so I had to take cake of both UX and UI for this project in a really short amount of time.
After a lot brain cells being used and shared, we came up with a nice prototype and a full journey to present to the jury. The most challenging thing was to understand analyse and respond to the brief in such a short time. Also collaboration was essential as we really had to split the work and communicate as much as possible to ideate, and create something everyone would be happy with. Being able to share our skills was key as well because we could count on each other to split the tasks and different areas necessary to build a relevant product.
And we won! So I had the chance to work on the actual app from January with my Iris colleague UI designer. It was really nice to be able to make our concepts evolve and go further. We were working on this full-time in house, with the KFC teams helping us on content and scope. We also were working in sprints with 2 developers (a front-end and a back-end one) which taught us a lot about how to optimise our designs and make the most of the short time we had.
We had to split the work; so Diego did a bit of UX and I did UI as well to help my colleague with all the screens! Also, considering the short amount of time we had, we didn't have the time to make a lot of wireframes so we had to think UX and UI at the same time. For this, we did "paperframes" versions instead so the dev team would get the structure and the logic of the screens when we were creating the UI for them.
That project was so interesting because of its intensity and also high collaboration aspect. I'd love to do or organise more hackathons in the future!

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