This picture is pretty much a good summary of who I am: neon lights, up for discoveries, surrounded by artworks, my laptop on my back and my music in by handbag.
I am a UX Designer based in London, specialising in Digital Product Design, finding new ways to make people's life easier and nicer.
My absolute dream would be working on education topics, I think design has so much to offer in this field, we have such great tools and ways of thinking I'd love to collaborate with education professionals to help build a better future for people. I'd also love to work on projects for the elderly, adapting existing tools to make them easy to use and to understand (email, photo galeries, games, to-do-lists, calendars, video conferences, etc.). I also love working on day-to-day tools in specific working fields to help them manage their tasks and make their everyday life at work easier and more pleasant.
I worked as a UX Designer at Iris Worldwide for 2,5 years, working for Samsung, Amazon, Wacom, Adobe, KFC.
I am now working at Nurole as the Lead Product Designer, managing the other designer in the team, and implementing a more digital and usable interface and design language.
Interviews & Medias
I did an interview for Pixelated People in 2019
I did an interview for Adobe in 2016
Blend Jam was a Hackathon I co-organised during a French digital event in Lyon Blend Web Mix. This is a video report of the 2017 edition.
This is an interview I did for my school to talk about my diploma project for the concert hall Le Transbordeur.
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